We do our best to take care of our family, we take our children to yearly doctor’s visits. We bring our pets to see the vet yearly. Our cars get regular services done. Many other systems in our homes get regular yearly or bi-yearly maintenance done on them but we often forget about others. Out of sight and out of mind is something that happens to us all. One area that gets forgotten is the roof and the attic crawl space.

What We Do

Typically, they check the outside of the roofing first. “But what are they looking at?” you may wonder. They are checking your shingles to see if there are any cracks, loose or missing. They will be checking the flashing around the valleys, vents, dormers, and side walls to make sure they are working properly. They are checking for leaks. They are making sure that the seal around the vents and flashing is still intact. These areas are the areas that are most vulnerable to leaks. They will generally check that your gutters are secure and in good working order. These are just some of the things that a professional eye will be looking at.

The inspector will also do an interior inspection of your home. They will go into the attic or crawl space of your home. In the attic or crawl space, they will be looking for specific tale signs of issues. They will check the insulation, which helps keep climate control in your home but also has the tendency to clump if it has been wet. They will check the ventilation which keeps your home from getting too moist. They will be checking for any signs of moisture such as mold, dry rot, and mildew. This is usually what they do in the interior inspection.

Why it’s Important 

The roof is the top layer of protection for our homes. It’s there to keep us safe. Not only are they an intricate piece of protecting the structural integrity of our but they are also the key to protecting our families. Our roof is a huge investment and it is important to take great care of it. 

Just like anything else, cars, appliances, pools, etc., there is maintenance that needs to be done regularly on your roof. Many people think that you just slap one on and ignore it until it needs repair or replacement. But many things can go wrong and unnoticed if you don’t get regular maintenance and inspections done. That will end up costing you much more in the long run. 

What Can Happen?

There could be many serious repercussions to not maintaining your roof. It is not as simple as a little bit of moisture. Not maintaining your roof and attic crawl space can destroy your home. That might sound a bit dramatic but it’s true. Moisture can make many other issues accrue. Some of the issues that may occur include mold, mildew, rot, deterioration of the walls, and even loss of the integrity of your home’s structure. 

Why is mold so important to watch out for you may ask? Mold can cause a lot of health problems by negatively affecting your immune system, it is especially dangerous for the young, old, and people with respiratory problems. Mold is extremely dangerous because it can become toxic to your health. It will also deteriorate the wood under your home and severely affect the structural integrity of your home. A big problem with mold is that it spreads extremely quickly. It can start in one small place but then quickly spread through your whole home.

Many issues in the home have to do with excess moisture. One of the huge ways that water makes it into the home is through weak spots in the roof. If the inspector finds any issues then they will have an immediate solution for you. Many times the issues can be dealt with on the spot if they are small ones. This is one reason why it is important to hire a professional, they have all the materials needed to make immediate repairs. If it is time for your yearly inspection give Valley Roofing a call and get it done!