Reasons to Invest in New Insulation

Let’s talk about insulation. There are many reasons as to why our home has insulation. It’s like an extra layer of protection for your home. Many people are unsure if what insulation is or how it protects your home. Today we will touch on what insulation is, what its purpose is, and why you want your homes insulation in the best shape possible.

What is insulation?

Basically, insulation is a material used to fill the spaces in your home including little gaps, behind walls, above ceilings, etc. of your home. There are many types of insulation. Some of these include, sound-proofing insulation, electrical insulation and thermal insulation. 

Thermal insulation is usually the type of insulation we are thinking of when we are talking about our homes. There are multiple types of thermal insulation that is used in the home. Some of these different types are, Fiberglass Insulation which is a very widely used type that comes in rolls. Another type is cellulose insulation which is extremely environmentally friendly because it is made mostly out of recycled materials. Spray foam insulation is also a great option if there are many cracks and crevices that need to be filled. It is ideal for preventing air flow in areas where you are losing heat. There are also several other types of insulation that are used.

How Does Insulation Work?

During the winter when we are running our heater trying to get warm the heated air is naturally trying to escape. The same goes for Summer Months when  we use the air conditioning, the heat moves from the warm outside to the cooler inside. Insulation is an extra barrier to prevent this from happening. It is like under armor for our home the insulation slows the exchange of warmed air to cooler air either direction. It keeps the heat or the cold in! A good contractor will ensure that the insulation is put in properly. Insulation that is properly installed keeps you home at a more regulated temperature throughout. Making your life more comfortable. 

What Parts of your Home Should Be Insulated?

There are several parts of your home that should be Insulated. One of the most important parts of your home that needs good insulation is your attic. Your attic is one of the largest sources of energy loss in your home. Heat rises right? Another very important part of your home to insulate is the inside of your walls. They are also a large source of energy loss for your home. Both the attic and the walls are more than likely going to need more than one type of insulation in them. You should also consider insulating your basement (whether it’s finished or unfinished) as well as your home’s crawl space. Many people forget about under the home, but it is definitely important too!

Why should you consider investing in new insulation?

Well to start off with you will get a great return on your investment. When you have a great contractor properly install insulation it will save a ton of money on energy costs. It is estimated that 90% or more homes in the United States are under insulated. Imagine home much money you can save monthly on your heating and cooling costs. Another way that you will get a great return in your investment is if you are planning to sell the home. Adding insulation to the home will increase the value significantly. You will more than like get a large percentage of your investment back.

Another great reason to invest in good insulation is to increase your personal comfort. If your home gets uncomfortably hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter then it is time for some new insulation! You may immediately think that it has to do with your HVAC system, but if you have it checked and there are no obvious issues then lack of proper insulation may be the underlying cause. Having proper insulation will improve the circulation of air in the attic or crawl space. This is a great reason to get new insulation.

We all love to save money right? Having your home be very energy efficient will help you save money but, what’s more important than saving money? Being environmentally conscious is more important. When you make your home more energy efficient you are using less power, thus resulting in less carbon emissions. Being environmentally responsible is the best way to go!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your homes insulation then call Valley Roofing to come and do an inspection.