Spring Roofing Maintenance

Springtime will be here before we know it. It is a great time of year for fresh beginnings, a time of year when new babies are being born and new gardens are being dug. Truly, a time of year that many people look forward to. It is also a great time for spring cleaning, and checking your home for issues. It is a great time to start projects to work on throughout the spring and summer. There are certain issues that you should check out, possibly get fixed and maintenance to be done during this time. Maintenance is important so that damage doesn’t create a widespread issue. Here are some issues and suggested maintenance to do in Spring.

Gutter Damage

Sometimes winter can be pretty rough on our homes. One of the common issues that happen after winter storms is damaged or clogged gutters. The first thing you want to do is check for clogging and debris. Once you have made sure that everything has been cleared, make sure that all of the nails are in place. If you have checked for all of these things and you are still having issues then it is time for a second opinion. Call your local trusted Roofing professionals to come check them out. If the gutters are constantly leaking then it may be time to start looking into getting them replaced. Your gutters are an important part of keeping the roof in working order, don’t neglect them.


After the beating that your poor roof took during the long winter, leaks are common. Springtime is often the time when we start noticing leaks. Leaks are amongst the top causes of damage to homes. Ignoring a leaking roof can lead to extensive damage to your home. It is not worth it to wait to get your roof repaired. What’s the big deal you might ask? Many things can happen if you put off leak repair. Your home can develop mold or mildew, your home can get electrical damage, damage to your insulation, and leaks can even damage the structural integrity of your home. You can always call your local trusted roofer if you need an emergency leak repair. 

The best way to protect against leaks is regular maintenance. Some regular maintenance includes cleaning gutters, removing algae and moss from your roof, and checking your shingles, flashing, vents, and attic. There is a lot to regular roof maintenance, but knowing that you can keep such an expensive investment in good working order for longer is worth it. Always do your best to help prevent roofing leaks, getting a yearly inspection is ideal.


Sometimes through the winter, we end up with weak spots in our roofs or even holes. This needs to be repaired immediately. Leaving a spot of roofing open will increase your vulnerability to pests. Not only will it make it easier for rats and other rodents to access your home, but even bigger creatures such as squirrels or raccoons may be able to make their way in as well! These types of animals are unwanted, they tear up your insulation, leave feces (which are a health hazard) everywhere, and damage your home further. 

Having an exposed or damaged part of your roof also makes it more easily accessible to termites and other damaging insects. You don’t want termites munching away at your beloved home.

Get it Inspected

Last but not least, we may sound like a broken record but we always advise that you get your roof inspected by a reputable roofing contractor. The Spring is a great time to do this, if you do this in spring and end up needing repairs then you will have good weather to get it done. It can save you stress, time, and money. The contractor will be able to have a professional eye that can recognize a small issue and prevent it from becoming a very big one. Generally, they have the tools and materials available to them to fix the issue immediately.

If you have certain areas you are concerned about or problem areas such as where the roof meets a wall, flashing, around vents, or chimneys let them know you are worried about that area. When getting an inspection done at this time of year it can prevent you from having to get the emergency repairs done the following winter.

We hope that you have a great Spring and enjoy it for everything it has to offer. If you need to have your home inspected or repairs that need to be done call Valley Roofing.