Top Reasons for Roofing Failure

As homeowners, we have many stressors on a day-to-day basis. That being the case, big investments can be scary. If you just started having issues with your roof, then we’re sure you’re feeling anxious about it. Luckily, Valley Roofing is a great and reliable roofing contractor that you can depend on. If you are experiencing any roofing failure, then call us to help. Unfortunately, there are many reasons that roofing failure could happen. Here are some typical reasons that a roof could fail.

Poor Workmanship

Unfortunately, one of the leading reasons that your roof may fail is due to poor workmanship. It is essential to make sure you are choosing the right contractor for the job from the very beginning. We have some suggestions on what you should find out before you hire a contractor. First, never hire a handyman for a serious job like working on your roof. You need to make sure that you have a licensed and insured contractor.

Second, do your research. Find out how long the company has been in business. Make sure that you know that the roofing company is licensed and insured. You never want to use a company that does not have those qualifications. Finding out about a company’s licensing is protecting yourself from mishaps and, ultimately, lawsuits that could make you lose everything. Ensure that you carefully read reviews online to find out what customers’ experiences have been with that contractor. Reading reviews not only helps us understand others’ experiences but also informs us of the results of the service they have received.

Lastly, confirm the contractor’s license number. It should be displayed on their website and any other marketing material. Ask for referrals from friends, neighbors, and other community members. Referrals help you hear first-hand stories about how well a contractor worked for someone. Meet with the company and get a written estimate or bid. You can judge for yourself how you feel about working with them.

Flashing Not Fitting Correctly

Flashing is an essential part of the roof; yet, many of us don’t know what the purpose of flashing is. Flashing is the sealer at joints in the roof. Your roof depends on flashing to shed water around vulnerable areas around your home: brick chimneys, stove pipes, valleys, end walls, eaves, gables, vents, and plumbing pipe penetration points. Roof flashing is an integral part of the health of your roof; it prevents the underlayment from soaking up water and going into your home.

When installing a new roof or getting your roof repaired, do not try to reuse old flashing; this is a common mistake homeowners make. Let’s face it; everyone loves saving a few dollars, but reusing old flashing will cost you more in the long run by having to pay to repair your roof–again. Unfortunately, it’s hard to notice roof damage living the majority of our lives underneath the ceiling. The majority of the time, homeowners don’t know that there’s a problem with their flashing until their roof starts leaking. Reusing old flashing is a common way roofs begin to fail.

Lack Of Proper ventilation

The roof ventilation system in your attic or crawl space ensures that the right amount of air is getting where it should be. Vents keep your home fresh in the hot months and warm in the cold months. You want air to move correctly and not be stagnant. Roof ventilation is essential because it prevents several issues that can occur in your home — for example, moisture trapped in your attic or crawl space. The build-up of moisture is extremely bad; this can lead to mold, wet rot, and more. Something else to keep in mind is that the moisture will damage your roof. It will create severe issues by making nails rust, growing mold or mildew, and even causing your roof deck to rot. When roof ventilation systems are not circulating air in the correct areas, roofs begin to feel this effect by the lack of circulation, contributing to their overall failure.


Sometimes, it isn’t the contractors’ fault at all. There is always the possibility that they received a bad batch of materials from their chosen supplier. It’s essential to talk to your contractor to see if their material supplier has a guarantee. It’s always good to find out what materials your contractor uses beforehand to do some research yourself.

Unfortunately, stuff happens sometimes that can’t be prevented. It’s important to educate yourself, research, and find reliable roofing companies like Valley Roofing. Working with us, you can always rest assured that we are trustworthy and stand by our work as a company. For all of your roofing needs, call Valley Roofing!