Roof leaks can have long-term damage to your roof and home. So what are those damages? We’re here to break those down for you. 

  1. Damage to the interior of your home 

This one has to be the worst when water begins to penetrate the inside of your home. When this occurs, you will see moldy walls and begin to smell a strong unpleasant scent. Your ceilings begin to stain heavily, and if your home has wallpaper it begins to peel off. The average cost to fix water damage inside your home begins at $3,000 and depending on the damage the price continues to rise. The lesson here is, don’t wait to fix the leaking roof. If you do it will be costly in the long run. 

  1.  Insects, mold, and contamination 

Now that your home has started developing mold, insects become very attracted to this moisture. Black mold is the most common to manifest when you have long-term water leaks that have not been addressed. Black mold releases toxins in the air that lead to long-term health damage and cause the development of allergic reactions. If this hasn’t convinced you, the cost to fix black mold is expensive. Black mold is dangerous and toxic, a professional charges $2,500 to remove the fungus. Do you think you have black mold? If so, don’t wait anymore. Get your home inspected!

  1. Damaged insulation, higher bills

When your roof looks it causes damage to the insulation of your home. What is your insulation? Insulation provides resistance to heat flow and lowers your heating and cooling costs. Therefore, when your insulation gets damaged who ends up paying the price? You, the owner of the home. Not only will you have to repair the damage to your roof and insulation, but your average monthly utility bills will rise exponentially because you are not using your cost-saving insulation. Yikes! 

Your friends, at Valley Roofing and Exteriors, are here to let you know the dangers of a leaky roof. We offer professional inspections and diagnose the problem on-site. With a team full of professionals and extensive experience, you can count on us. Give us a call and we will be right over.