Buying or renting a new home is exciting! So exciting that sometimes we forget to ask important questions about the roof that covers our head! At Valley Roofing & Exteriors, we want to help you out, for this reason, we’ve composed a list of what to ask your realtor about your new home! 

  1. How old is the roof? 

While this is a standard question, it is crucial to know the age of your roof. The lifetime of a roof and shingles are typically 20-25 years. Put into context the weather of the area you live in rain, snow, heat, and other natural forces affect the lifespan of your roof. It’s also important to note that other types of roofs such as copper which have longer lifespans of 50+ years. 

  1. What’s the history of the roof? 

While we know the age of the roof, this is the right transition moment to talk about the history of the roof. What work has been done, why, and what does the maintenance look like? Ask who worked on the roof to ensure the contractors were licensed, professionals. 

  1. Does the roof have a warranty, if so what are the details?

Let’s face it insurance companies find any way to save money. Unfortunately, this entails giving a false message of “lifetime warranty.” Often, insurance companies offer lifetime warranties on roofs if materials become ineffective or defective. This does not include damage caused by natural weather forces, use over time, or upgrading roofing materials. Don’t be afraid of asking detailed questions, and it’s better to be safe than sorry! 

  1. Ask if there are any concerns with the roof’s current condition.

This is one of the most important questions to ask because minor issues over time turn into significant problems that need to be addressed if you come across minor issues but are unsure of how to deal with or access them, call us at Valley Roofing & Exteriors! We inspect roofs and work with you to figure out the best plan if this is your dream home. 

  1. Negotiate 

Yes, you heard us negotiate with your realtor. If the one thing stopping you from purchasing your dream home is the roof, pull out your rhetoric skill set and negotiate. Ask, if by any chance they can fix the roof before you become the owner, and if so what does that look like for both parties? Even better, ask them to lower the price. If you point out a defective part of the home, more than likely you will pressure the relator to give you a lower quote. 

We hope these tips & tricks helped you not only ask the right questions about your roof but also search for the best price! Contact Valley Roofing & Exteriors today for a roofing quote, inspections, or new roof installation!