Are You Treating Your Roof Right?

Many people love to do odd jobs around their homes. It is very fulfilling to take good care of your home. However, some things should be left up to the professionals, and working on your roof is one of them. Many people are shocked to find out that they have been mistreating their roofs! Here are some examples of things that you should avoid doing to your roof and some tips to help you take better care of it.

Inspect it

It is not only super important for you to inspect your roof properly, but necessary. Using a ladder you can do a visual inspection from the sides. You should have your roof inspected yearly by a professional roofer. This will keep you from having thousands of dollars worth of damage if you can catch small issues while they are small. Having a professional inspect your roof is a great way to prevent further damage. 

Your Attic or Crawl Space

One thing that many people forget to do is check out your attic or crawl space often. There is no telling what is going on up there unless you go and check it out. You could have leaks or dry rot going on without even knowing. These are some reasons why it is so important to check them out every once in a while, at least every 6 months.

Over insulating

Most people have no idea that this could be a thing. Surprisingly, it is though. If you install too much insulation your roof may not be getting proper ventilation. If proper ventilation is not happening then this can cause a lot of other issues including moisture build up and mold. No one wants mold in their home, that’s for sure.

Pressure Washer

Do not use a pressure washer on your roof, we repeat, do not use a pressure washer on your roof. The spray is much too strong for your shingles. This can dislodge shingles and cause vulnerable areas in your roofing. It is a great idea to wash your roof and remove moss, but next time, try using a hose instead.

Shingle over Shingle? 

No, do not do this. Some amateurs think that it is ok to stack new shingles over old shingles. Not only is this a very bad idea but it can cause so many issues. This will make the problems worse if you are already having a roofing issue. This will make it very easy for mold to take ahold of your roofing. It also makes your home more vulnerable to pests. It’s just really a bad idea to do this. People may think it’s faster and easier but in the long run, you are throwing your money in the trash.

Amateurs (Unlicensed Contractors & DIY’ers)

We are sure that by now you have picked up on the fact that amateurs are not the best choice when it comes to roof maintenance and repair. So when you need help with your roof please find someone who is trained and licensed in your area.

For all of your roofing questions, concerns, and needs please call us at Valley Roofing to give you some good professional advice and information!