Solar Panel

Thinking Solar ?

Adding solar panels to your property isaninvestment that significantly reducesyour electricity bills.

Exponential Savings

With the right system, you can offset ortotally eliminate purchasing electricityfrom the grid, leading to exponential financial savings over time

Increase Property Equity

Solar is the standard appliance of thefuture. Add value to your home or business with an array

Own Your Own Power

Increase your home security andenergyindependence. By pairing solar withapower storage system, you can continueyour electricity use uninterruptedthrough extreme weather, cyber threats, or grid outages


Eave is the Easy Button for solar.

Eave is the Easy Button for solar. We connectproperty owners directly to our networkof trusted installers and top-tier equipment atstandardized prices by state.

No inflated commissions, misinformation, or pushy salespeople. Ever.

Our Process

Start with a no-pressure, informativephone call to explore the optionsandbenefits of solar and see if addingasystem is right for you.

After your phone call, join a videocallwith one of our solar experts toseeand discuss the customproposal built for your home. We will reviewthe exact savings for your homeandanswer any questions.

Review and approve your proposal. Our Welcome Department will beintouch to make sure you understandeverything - total visibility, no surprises. Eave will take it fromthereand you'll get regular updates fromour teams regarding the progressofthe installation.

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