A Green Roof

This is a new trend here in the United States that many people are still unaware of. Although it is still gaining in popularity here, it has been used in Europe for many years. In recent years, green roofs have been used primarily in urban areas to break the monotony and give people a little bit of foliage. But what exactly is a Green Roof? What is it good for and why do we want it? These are great questions about Green Roofs and we are hoping to answer them today! 

What is a Green Roof?

It all starts with a protective waterproof membrane on a flat surfaced roof. Additionally, a drainage system with a root barrier is installed. After all of the protective covering is placed, foliage is planted either fully or just partially on the roof. 

There are two types of green roofs: Extensive, and Intensive. An Extensive green roof is more shallow and requires less maintenance. It is also lighter than its intensive counterpart. An Intensive green roof is much deeper. The deeper depth allows a large variety of plants and trees to be grown on it. The intensive green roof is much heavier and requires a stronger roofing structure to be able to withstand the weight.

What are the benefits of a Green Roof?

There are numerous benefits to having a Green roof. They are used for storm drainage and water runoff. It can prevent water buildup on the rooftop. It also creates naturally derived insulation. Another great thing about Green roofs is that they create a wonder natural area for all to enjoy. As a result, a green roof is great for humans, pets, and wildlife alike. People who live in the city know how important this is. Having a green roof can create a space for exercise as well. 

In many cities, there is a phenomenon in urban areas called the heat island effect. This happens due to all of the asphalt and many buildings nearby. Having a green roof will help break up the heat. It is also extremely aesthetically appealing. Seeing greenery and natural areas helps break the monotony and can help prevent depression. We think these are some great reasons to consider getting a green roof.

Why else should we encourage the use of Green Roofs?

Energy conservation is one other benefit of having a green roof. A green roof creates natural insulation. As mentioned above, it helps reduce heat by adding mass and thermal resistance value. This is part of the Heat island effect that a green roof helps prevent. There have been models done that demonstrate the effect having green roofs would have on a certain percentage of buildings in a city. There is evidence that shows it could significantly decrease the temperature of the city. It can also reduce the need to heat in the winter. What amazing benefits!

We think that the idea of adding green roofs in urban settings is a great way to help the world. As roofers, it is important to us to do our part in the world. If you have any questions or need any repairs done on your roof then give us a call at Valley Roofing.