Improving Roof Energy Efficiency 

When the weather gets extreme, whether it’s hot or cold, our energy bill can go up. Most of us didn’t have to spend that extra money or we just flat out can’t afford it throughout the seasons. But there are some ways that we can make our homes more energy efficient. There are some ways that you can make some changes to your roofing to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Cooling Roof Coating

One amazing way that you can help make your home energy efficient, is by adding a cool coating to your roof. If you have ever worn a dark color in the sun then you know that it will make you get much hotter much faster. If your roof is dark materials it will retain more heat on your home  This is especially effective for those who live in a very hot area. There are cool roofing coatings and paints that can reduce heat accumulation. 

You can have your qualified roofer apply these coatings or paints to your shingles. Not only will it help with energy efficiency but it has other benefits. Some of these benefits include not only heat and UV protection but also improved waterproofing, and also extends the life of your roof! These are some great reasons as to why you would want to add a cool coating or paint on your roof.

Attic Insulation 

This is a simple and fairly easy fix! If you are losing a lot of heat in the winter or cool in the summer then you might have insufficient insulation. Lack of the proper amounts of insulation can make a huge difference. If there is not enough insulation, if it was improperly installed, or if the insulation is old can all affect the efficiency.

Having a Certified Roofer install new insulation in your attic might be a great choice. Not only will you feel confident because it is being handled by a professional but because you know they will install the correct amount of insulation and will use the correct type. Peace of mind is extremely important.

Roofing Materials 

Having new insulation installed and also having a cooling coat are cheap and easy ways to improve your energy efficiency. However, for a more long-term solution talk to your roofer about using energy-efficient roofing materials. So, if it is time for a full roof replacement talk to your roofer about what would be the best energy-efficient options for your home. 

One great option for a very energy-efficient roof would be having a metal roof installed. There are many benefits to metal roofing. One of which is that they are extremely durable. If you live in an area that has a lot of extreme weather then metal roofing is a good option for you. Metal offers fire, wind, and water resistance! In some tests, they have found that metal roofing can withstand up to 140 mph winds. This makes metal roofing very attractive to many. They are extremely energy efficient and last much longer than a shingle roof. 

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