Considering Solar

More and more people are jumping on the Solar energy bandwagon. They say that this is our sustainable energy source for the future. There are many ways that you can have solar. You can rent, lease, or buy solar panels. You can get free-standing panels in your yard.  The current most popular way for personal use is to have solar panels attached to the roof of your home. What can we do to make having solar panels more effective on the roof? Here’s some more information on solar panels and things to keep in mind when it comes to your roof.

Pros and Cons of Solar

Let’s start our discussion by talking about some of the pros and cons of having solar. This will give you a good idea of whether or not solar is right for your home. 

One of the huge pluses of having solar panels is that you will lower your electric bill, we all want to have a cheaper power bill. In some cases people even over-produce electricity and the power company pays them. It’s a great way to combat rising electrical costs. Another plus is that it increases the value of your home, so if you plan to sell your home in the future, this is a huge bump up for your home’s value. Another great thing about solar is that you eventually earn your money back on your investment. And last but certainly not least you will reduce your carbon footprint, who doesn’t want that?

So, like everything else in the world, there are cons to the pros and solar panels are not free from cons. One con that is associated with solar panels are not made for every type of roof. If you have a roof that is a sharp angle or a roof that has little surface area, it may not be right for you. Do you have a roof that is made of slate, or wood? Unfortunately, slate or wood may be too weak to sustain the panels.

If your roof is old, it may be a no-go. You also have to keep in mind how much shade is on your roof. If you are planning to move immediately you may want to hold off, it will not be worth the investment if you don’t spend some time reaping the benefits. Solar panels can also be very expensive. These are all good things to keep in mind and give some thought to when you are considering solar panels.

Talk to Your Roofer

If you are in the beginning stages of planning to get a new roof and you are considering solar panels, talk to your roofer about it. They will probably have some insight into your roof’s sustainability. They will also be able to make that part of the roofing plan because there are certain things that you can do with your roof to help lay a good solar panel “foundation”. 

Some things that your roofer could consider are adding a membrane with a higher heat resistance, and incorporating a cover board. They could use high compression strength rigid insulation. You could also ask about extending your roof warranty to exceed the lifespan of the solar panels. Talk to your roofer about the configuration of your roof, maybe you could find a way to make more surface area. These are just a few things to talk to your professional contractor about before starting on your roofing project.

For any help you need regarding your roof give Valley Roofing a call and we can answer all of your questions.