Fall Roof Maintenance

Fall is a great time of year. It’s full of spooky fun and great food. It is also a great time to do some maintenance on your roof. Some people do not realize that your roof is an investment that needs to be maintained regularly to keep it in good condition. Unfortunately, it’s not just something you can have done and then ignore for 15+ years. So what are some things that we need to do to regularly maintain our roof? Here is a short list of ways that you can be a proactive homeowner when it comes to your roofing.


Doing a quick inspection of your attic can be very telling. It can show you if there is moisture entering through a spot in the roof. You will be able to identify bug infestations. Mildew and mold are also easily identifiable when you take a close look at your attic. You are also able to check your ventilation, any plumbing you have up there, or even Air conditioning vents. Doing a yearly check on your attic is a great way to be a proactive homeowner.


We all know what shingles are right? They are a key player in keeping rain, snow, and other weather out of your home. Because they are such an intricate piece of your roofing, it is important to make sure they are all intact. Check to see if any shingles look like they are out of place, cracked, or otherwise damaged in any other way. Doing this now will prevent future water damage.


Flashings, here is a term that is not necessarily as common to know of. Flashings are pieces of metal that are put in vulnerable areas of the roof for extra protection. This is used in places such as where a roof meets the wall or where two opposing roofs meet. They are also generally around skylights, chimneys, and roof valleys. These are used to get rain to run off in a certain way to prevent water damage. You should regularly inspect the seal to prevent water from becoming trapped in the roof.


Vents are also very important to inspect and maintain. They are also a vulnerable point in your roof. Any part that inhibits the continuity of the roof should always be checked. Vents are generally sealed with rubber or another similar substance. Both can get cracked or dried out after some time. They are also rather soft materials so they can be chewed or scratched by animals or even scraped by tree branches. If you notice any damage to the area surrounding your vents make sure you have it repaired properly.


Gutters, gutters, gutters, this is a job that is dreaded by many teenagers and adults alike. Cleaning your gutters is a necessary evil. They have one purpose, to get water away from your home and your roof in an efficient way.  Having any type of debris in the gutters is going to inhibit their job. Making sure that your gutters are clear is a great way to prevent water from backing up in the roofing system. Don’t dread it, just remind yourself that you are being a proactive homeowner.

These are just a few ways that you can work hard this fall to keep your roof and home safe. It is also important to regularly get your roof inspected by a professional contractor. If you need an inspection or any repairs then give Valley Roofing a call.