Summer is the perfect time to prepare for Winter. If you know that there are repairs that need to be done around your home then doing them during nice weather is the perfect option. Summer is also a very busy time for most contractors, so if you know there is a big job to be done then make sure you book one in advance! Here are some ways that you can protect your home against winter during the warmer weather months.


Get up into your attic or ceiling crawl space and check to see if there is any damage or debris. Search it carefully to see if there has been any evidence of a leak. If there is evidence of a leak then you need to call a professional out to see how much damage has been done to the surrounding area. They can also give you an estimate and repair it perfectly. They will also know how to patch or fix the outside and the inside of the roof properly. Fixing just the inside definitely won’t do any good. 

Another thing to check out while you are in your attic or crawl space is how well your insulation is holding up. If it is damaged then it is important to replace it to save costs on energy bills during both summer and winter. The insulation is what keeps the heat and cool inside of your home. Insulation is also a favored home of rodents and other pests. So checking it will help keep undesirables from nesting! If you need insulation replacement call a professional. They can get it done right the first time.


If you live in an area that is prone to getting moss, like Oregon, then it is important to keep it off your roof. It can cause damage to your shingles by embedding itself into the space between and underneath the shingles. Since shingles are such an intricate part of keeping your home safe and dry you don’t want to change it. You can both scrap the moss off of your roof or you can treat it with spray to prevent moss. The best time of year to treat for moss is right before the rainfall starts for the year. So this would be a late summer project.

New Roof or Patching

If you know it is time for a new roof or that there are some problem spots on your roof then summer is the perfect time to do so. Make sure that you contact your roofer ASAP as their schedules are quite busy and fill up quickly. When you are having a new roof added or a repair done make sure that you request to have ice and water shields put onto your roof, especially around vulnerable areas. These vulnerable areas would include chimneys, skylights, valleys, roof-to-wall areas, plumbing pipes, etc. This will help protect those areas from future damage.


The warmer months make it the perfect time to have a skylight installed. Mostly because the weather is cooperative with your roofer. Having to put in a skylight during the rainy season can be done but definitely can complicate things. 

So if you are ready to do some repairs to get ready for the winter this summer then give us a call at Valley Roofing and we can help!