Most people think about just the typical shingles when they are considering putting on a new roof. However, there are options that you may not be aware of. Many people are looking at different and hardier solutions for their roofing needs. A great option to keep in mind is having your roof replaced with metal roofing. 

When people think of metal roofing many times they think about just silver stainless steel type roofing. Old tin roof style. But gone are the days when metal roofing is considered an eyesore. Now you can get stylish-looking metal roofing. You can get it in any style or color to go along with any type of home. Metal roofing adds a certain curb appeal that traditional shingles don’t.

It’s also beneficial to have a roofer who has good connections with local roofing companies. We work closely with Taylor Metal Products. They are right here out of Salem, Oregon.  You can check them out for more information and color solutions. Check out their Easy-Lock panel roofing system, it may be a great solution for your home. Because we are all residents of the Northwest we make sure we know the best practice installation methods for the area.

There are many benefits to metal roofing. One of which is that they are extremely durable. If you live in an area that has a lot of extreme weather then metal roofing is a good option for you. Metal offers fire, wind, and water resistance! In some tests, they have found that metal roofing can withstand up to 140 mph winds. This makes metal roofing very attractive to many.

Metal roofing may cost more than getting your typical shingle roof but it is worth the money due to its longevity. Metal roofing can last up to 60 years. That means that in all reality a metal roof costs about ⅓ the price of a shingle roof because it lasts for so long! If you plan to stay in your home for many years then you might want to consider putting in a metal roof.

Metal roofs also make the perfect platform for adding solar panels and becoming even more energy efficient. Metal roofs reflect solar radiant heat, which can reduce cooling costs by 10-25%. Some people’s home insurance may even go down due to adding metal roofing. Another great thing is that metal is sustainable and can be recycled numerous times.

There are an incredible number of benefits to having metal roofing put on your home. Metal roofing is sustainable, durable, and outlasts its competitors. Other than the fact that it costs more to install it sounds like the perfect solution to most people’s roofing needs!  If you are interested in learning more then give us a call at Valley Roofing.