What We Do

When it comes to roofing people just see it as cut and dry, they put a roof on right? Not right, there is so much more to what we do than what meets the eye. We don’t just slap on some shingles and call it a day. What we do is quite intricate to make everything work together to make your home safe and dry for years to come. Here is some of what we do, plus a bit extra. 


Ventilation is so much more important than most people realize, a good majority of homes are severely under-ventilated. On our initial visit, we will assess the status of your home’s ventilation and advise you if action needs to be taken. We are always careful to add necessary ventilation to the roof, whether it be intake or exhaust. Proper ventilation is a vital part of protecting your roofing investment. If your home is not properly ventilated it can cause moisture build up and essentially lead to the early demise of your roof. This can also cause rot and mildew. You don’t want that around your family. This is just one of many things we do to keep your family and investment safe.


Flashing is the sealer at joints in the roof. Your roof depends on flashing to shed water, including brick chimneys, stove pipes, valleys, end walls, eaves, gables, vents, and plumbing pipe penetration points. When we replace your roof we also replace all of the flashing on your home. We support local metal manufacturers as we buy all of our flashings locally. All of our flashing comes pre-primed and painted using a baked-on enamel coating process. Unless otherwise requested, we match the color of the flashing with the roof color chosen by customers. Flashing is an important part of keeping your home safe!

Ice And Water Shields 

Some roofers don’t take care of their customers like we do and use subpar materials. When it comes to your roof we will only use the best. We use something called an ice and water Shield, this flexible, self-adhering barrier around critical penetration points on your roof, such as chimneys, roof-to-wall areas, plumbing pipes, valleys, and lower-pitched areas on the roof deck. Some roofers use felt in the place of ice and water shield, this is unfortunate as it is not nearly as effective. We want to make sure that the vulnerable parts of your roof are kept dry even in the most ferocious weather.


When we install a new roof we also install all new gutters. A gutter system is an important way to keep your home safe and sound when it is raining. We use only quality materials and have an array of colors to choose from. We purchase our trim coil and gutter accessories from ABC Supply, which is a distributor for ACM Rainware Systems. We offer leaf-protection gutters as well to keep your gutters from being clogged. We also install continuous gutters.

These are just a few of the things that go into putting your roof in. We hope that your family chooses us to keep you safe by hiring us to put a new roof on your home! If you need an estimate, give us a call at Valley Roofing.