Don’t Put Off Repairs

The roofs on our homes are incredibly important. We need them, the roof is the protector of the home. It protects us from all sorts of weather, blazing hot sun, torrential downpours, snow, sleet, and everything else. This is why it is so important to have your roof inspected regularly. If you already know that there is some issue with your roof then it is important to not put off repairs or replacement. There can be significant and severe consequences to not repairing leaks in your roof that you may have not thought of. Today we will give you some very good reasons as to why you want to get those repairs done as soon as possible.


Leaving a spot of roofing open will increase your vulnerability to pests. Not old will it make it easier for rats and other rodents to access your home but even bigger creatures such as squirrels or raccoons may be able to make their way in as well! These types of animals are unwanted, they tear up your insulation, leave feces (which are a health hazard) everywhere, and damage your home further. 

Having an exposed or damaged part of your roof also makes it more easily accessible to termites and other damaging insects. You don’t want termites munching away at your beloved home.

Electrical Damage

If you are leaking, whether you know it’s happening or not, that moisture is making it everywhere in your home. It’s slowly seeping into your roofing materials, your insulation, and ultimately into your walls. Your walls aren’t just insulation for your home, they are also the housing for your electrical system. If we have made it to adulthood we are well away that electricity and water DO NOT go together at all. Water seeping in will cause severe damage to or even desecrate your entire electrical system. To replace an electrical system it will cost thousands upon thousands of dollars. This would all be easily preventable if repairs are done immediately if you are aware of an existing issue.

Mold and Mildew 

As mentioned above where there are leaks there is also water and residual moisture. Any time there is residual moisture it generally results in mildew or some sort of mold. This can be very dangerous for your home because it can spread very quickly and cause severe damage to your home. Mold is also dangerous to your family and can cause severe illnesses, some mold is even toxic. This is one reason why it is important to take care of leaks and get that space properly dried out.


Insulation is very susceptible to water. Water on insulation can damage it because the materials it is made up of can get clumpy and compressed when it gets wet. If this happens then it will no longer do a proper job. It will not work as sufficiently and your home will lose a significant amount of its energy efficiency. If your home has an unrepaired leak then you don’t want to waste any time getting it fixed.

There are so many reasons to keep your roof in good working order. The best way to prevent having any issues is to have your roof inspected regularly, a little repair cost is much better than a significant cleanup from a leak! If you need a repair or inspection give us a call at Valley Roofing.